Return Path Monitoring System

This rackmount headend system completes the requirement of DOCSIS 3.0 deployment where higher QAM on the return path becomes necessary and mandatory. The compact 1U rackmount chassis supports simultaneous and continuous ingress scanning of all 10 ports at a fast sweep rate of 200ms and dual ports are available for return path spectrum, QAM, MER, BER, and Constellation analysis. The unique system architecture is an affordable entry solution which can be scaled easily for future network expansions. The system is completed by a controller software package offering 3D graphics for detailed analysis of ingress, alarm detection/generation and trouble ticket management. A server option coupled to the system is capable of storing 30 days of ingress monitoring data for reference.



10 monitoring ports in one 1U 19” rack mount unit
Up to two dedicated test heads for continuous ingress scan of all ports
Up to two independent test heads for spectrum or return path analysis
Ingress scan detecting fast transient noise that affects return path
Spectrum analysis from 5 to 65 MHz, -40 to +55 dBmV
Return path QAM 16/64/128 analysis with constellation
Works with CX120 USG for detailed return path QAM 64/128 analysis
100-T Ethernet interface to CX180R Server and Controllers
Secured access to prevent unwanted intrusion
Cost effective solution for small headend deployment
Easy system expansion without system shut-down


5 to 65MHz Frequency range analysis
Adjustable RBW at 125kHz, 330kHz, 1MHz that captures fast and low level transient ingress
Fast spectrum analysis to capture bursty upstream cable modem signals and noise spikes
Advanced QAM analysis supports QAM-16/64/128 upstream signal formats
Return Path QAM measures MER, pre/post BER analysis, and display of Constellation diagram
Return Path Sweep and Balancing with VeEX portable test sets

Advanced Master/Controller software with 3D graphics for ingress analysis
Expandable Server software for archiving return path measurements (for up to 30 days) for post review and analysis
User programmable alarm thresholds to generate alarm tickets by email
Supports 4 different user authority levels with over 140 users