Bare Fibre Testing kit:

Accepts cleaved and non-cleaved fiber
Quickly test fiber without terminating
Divot® Module accepts Singlemode and Multimode fiber
Includes 6 replaceable cartridges filled with optical coupling compound which allows for approximately 3000 insertions
Low insertion loss and reflectance
No dipping, messy applicators or external reservoirs to fill
Includes a Magnetic "no slip" desktop mount for easy fiber insertion
Reusable. Clean-out accessory included.


Testing bare fiber just got a lot easier and faster. The Divot® Bare Fiber Adapter (Tester) accepts cleaved and non-cleaved fiber, requires only 3/4” of bare fiber exposed and has a typical insertion loss of less than 0.5 dB when using cleaved fiber. No messy gel applicators or reservoirs to fill. Simply strip your fiber and insert.

Designed to quickly connect to unterminated (bare fiber) for testing, servicing or communication requirements. All you have to do is load a cartridge into the Divot® module, insert the module into the Desktop Mount and connect the patch cable to your test equipment. Preparation of the bare fiber is easy. Simply strip and clean a few inches of fiber down to 125uM cladding. Cleave your fiber leaving approximately 3/4” of bare fiber exposed. Insert the bare fiber into the Divot® module until it stops. Connections are suitable for many testing applications with results similar to a standard terminated piece of fiber.

How it works
The bare fiber when inserted into the Divot® Module, goes through a cartridge which is filled with an optical coupling compound. The compound is applied to the end of the fiber as it passes through the cartridge, then enters into a custom ferrule which has a small divot on the end. The divot creates a small cavity at the end of the ferrule which retains the optical coupling compound from the inserted bare fiber end. The bare fiber is then mated to a precisely aligned ferrule on the patch cable resulting in a quick, low loss connection suitable for most testing applications. 

Replaceable Cartridges 
The Divot® Module can be easily disassembled in order to replace the internal cartridge. Every insertion of bare fiber will use a small amount of coupling compound from the cartridge. A cartridge will typically result in a minimum of 500 insertions. To replace a cartridge, simply disconnect the patch cable from the universal LiteLOCK® interface by rotating the dial to the left. Unscrew and remove the end cap on the module to expose the OCC (Optical Coupling Compound) Cartridge. Pull the cartridge out of the sleeve and replace with a new cartridge. Screw the end cap back onto the module. Insert the the connector with the red boot on the patch cable into the universal LiteLOCK®interface and rotate the dial to the right to secure.

If fiber happens to break off inside the ferrule assembly, Clean-Out Wire and a Clean-Out Wire Guide is supplied to assist in removing any debris. Disconnect the patch cable from the Divot® Module by rotating the LiteLOCK® dial slightly to the left and pull the connector out from the interface. Remove the end cap, OCC cartridge and sleeve. Pull the ferrule assembly out of the bulkhead housing. Push the ferrule assembly into the 2.5mm interface of the Clean-out Wire Guide. Insert a piece of clean-out wire into the small hole on the end of the Clean-out Wire Guide and slowly push forward to clean out any broken fiber or debris. Reassemble the Divot® Module and insert the connector with the red boot or red band from the patch cable into the Universal Bulkhead Housing and secure by rotating the LiteLOCK® dial to the right. Do not overtighten.