Going cloud is a sure trend of today, no matter how cautious some old-school engineers are about it. Agizer applied this trend to contemporary fiber optic testing and produced a breakthrough way of working with OTDR traces, the Fiberizer Cloud service.

The cloud OTDR trace viewer works just like its Desktop sibling, only better. You can conveniently organize your traces into custom collections. The traces can be compared in batches, so that a technician can view several OTDR traces from the same cable. For every trace you can quickly calculate loss and reflectance measurements with moving markers, see the complete event table and get every event details. If you see that the OTDR trace viewer analysis missed something (yep, this happens, Fiberizer Cloud is not perfect yet), you can always edit the existing events or add new ones. For that you can scale your traces on your computer screen and apply 2-point or 5-point modes with or without LSA.

If you have OTDR traces from both ends of the optical fiber, Fiberizer Cloud can create bi-directional reports for even more comprehensive inspection. To document your analysis, professional PDF or MS Excel reporting functionality is available, and you can create your own templates for reports.

Besides, the cloud OTDR trace viewer has a truly unique option of simulating various types of optic networks, from simple single lines to complex tree-structured PON fiber optic schemes, allowing you to generate virtual OTDR traces and reports for them, for acceptance testing.

The Cloud OTDR trace viewer is based on MS Silverlight technology, so you can use it in both Windows and MacOS browsers. Just like the other Fiberizer products, it works with the industry standard OTDR traces file format, Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-196 & SR-4731 *.sor. Your data is transferred via HTTPS connection to ensure secure communication and storage.

With Fiberizer cloud OTDR trace viewer you never need to install and update the application, thus cutting down maintenance time and expenses. We are constantly processing feedback from our customers (subscribers) and working to improve the Cloud OTDR trace viewer, so you always have the most recent instrument for your fiber optic network analysis. Try our free service now, be on the edge of cloud technologies, and compete more efficiently.


Available in Cloud, Desktop or App format. 

Available to download free on the IOS or Android App Store.