The FIBERLAUNCH Standard is cost effective and with its non armoured launch cables ready for reassemble the connectors after damage or losing loss quality

Connector repair connector kits are available!

Singlemode G652 or G657 or multimode OM1/2/3

Standard lenght: 150m, 500m, 1000m

Connectors: SC, LC, FC-PC, E-2000, ST, DIN

Cables: not armoured, >150cm lenght, 

Attenuation: < 0,15dB/connector

Fibre Datasheet:

•Corning SM 28E+    ITU-T G.652.D-compliant ITU-T 

•Recommendation G.652 (Tables A, B, C and D) 

•IEC Specifications 60793-2-50 Type B1.3 


•Telcordia Generic Requirements GR-20-CORE 

•ISO 11801 OS2 

•typ. attenauation -0,3dB/km at 1310nm


Made in Germany