FibreWatch RFTS


World Leader in Remote Fiber Test Systems

24x7 physical layer fiber monitoring system
Uses OTDR technology with optical switch to test multiple fibers
Robust, self-contained remote units continuously tests fibers
Comprehensive reporting, trend analysis, and alarm management

In today's fast-paced, global economic environment, the value and security of network data along with customer expectations for excellent service have never been greater. Network operators, service providers and enterprise organizations must proactively monitor the health of their fiber optic networks in order to ensure excellent QoS, meet Service Level Agreement commitments and maintain the revenue streams being generated by their networks. All of this must occur while working with fewer financial and human resources. It is essential that both public and private networks employ tools that will enable them to attract and retain their customers, and maximize the efficiency of their networks while reducing operational expenses.

Many network operations managers are well acquainted with the network monitoring tools designed to monitor the status of applications on their networks; however, few monitor the health of their optical network, yet this can often be the cause of network performance degradation. Reactive network troubleshooting is not sufficient as this approach may require too much time to  identify and isolate problems; thus damaging an organization's reputation, diminishing customer service expectations and ultimately reducing an organization's revenue stream in the time needed to make necessary repairs. Designed for full service, emerging and next generation public and private networks, FiberWatch is the first Remote Fiber Testing System that allows the network operations manager to proactively monitor the fiber optic network through use of Domains, thus enabling delivery of the highest level of QoS and ensuring network security and reliability to the greatest degree.