This unique Packet Capture Appliance is ideal for Security and Forensic applications because it is capable of analysing ALL packets in a full duplex live line, while capturing those that are compliant with a trigger condition, or with any of the 15+15 programmable filters. Suspicion packets can either be saved in a local hard disk drive -at wirespeed- either be tapped to a LAN. Operations are executed at FULL bit rate in both directions [Tx+Rx] with ZERO delay [ns] and ZERO loss to the live traffic.


Features and Benefits

Filter/Capture/Record at full duplex Gbit
100% firm/hardware: nanosec accuracy
Non-stop packet capture 24/365
No MAC, no IP: Undetectable
No MAC, no IP: Cannot be hacked
Mirror and Pass-throught mode
Storage: 60 / 120 GBytes hard disk
Storage: at wirespeed (1+1 GbE)
Filtering, Capture & Aggregation
Trigger Conditions
Captures CRC errored frames
Hardware PCAP Time Stamp
Wireshark friendly for protocol analysis
VoIP, IPTV, Data, TCP/IP and more
Built-in Tap to 1000BASE-T
Replays Traffic
VNC remote control
15+15 Programmable Filters
IPv4 and IPv6


Multilayer Trigger
Several conditions for trigger set up
Logical trigger functions
When trigger is on all the traffic is save on disk


Sixteen (16) simultaneous filters can be applied to the traffic.
Ethernet source and destination MAC addresses
Sselection of MAC address sets with masks
Ethertype value with selection mask,
VLAN-VID with selection mask,
VLAN-CoS value with selection mask
IP source, destination, and source-and-destination
IP address group: subset of addresses filtered by masks
Protocol encapsulated in the IP packet (TCP, UDP, Telnet, FTP, etc.)
DSCP field, single value and range
TCP/UDP port, single value and range
Agnostics filters defined by 16 bits masks and user defined offset
Lawful filter: 64 byte pattern match at any place in the frame payload.


Enterprise Forensic Analysis
Defense and Intelligence agencies
Law / Police / Intelligence applications
Telecom Troubleshooters
Complement to Firewalls

CTIA Awards

The CTIA Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Awards program honors the industry's innovative new products and services in mobile apps, consumer electronics, enterprise & vertical markets and network technology. Net.Hunter has been nominated in the Security, Fraud & Privacy category, as a product indicated to protect infrastructure and customers against outside threats.