NetStorm generates those perturbances typical of IP and Carrier Ethernetto test applications, devices and protocols that should be tolerant with packet delay, jitter, loss, duplication, reordering, error and bandwidth variations.

Have a look and try this flexible tool, you will love it after discovering how the latest FPGA can overcome previous limitations in accuracy, space or performance. NetStorm enables engineers to model and modify arbitrary performance dynamics including packet delay, jitter, bandwidth limitations, congestion, packet loss, errors and duplication on live IP packets.


Features and Benefits

Hardware based
High accuracy
World first hand-held battery operated instrument
Verify 100% the stability of network nodes and terminals
Check the tolerance of services to QoS degradation
Assured Service and SLA
Minimize investment risks
Easy identification of degradation sources
Gigabit performance
Testing IPTV / VoIP / Multiplay developments
Complex topologies support
Replication of real traffic conditions


Network Design.
IP Applications Development
VoD, and real/time services.
Approval and Acceptance Tests
QoS verification in Internet-like networks
Emulation network conditions
Protocol testing


IP / Ethernet vendors
Developers of IP applications
IP Protocol experts
Triple Play service providers
R&D, Universities, Labs
VoIP, IPTV, HSI designers
Megaco, H.323, SIP testing
Satellite communications
Submarine links
HD Television test