OFI-FTTx Active ONT Detector for PONs

Rugged, handheld optical fiber identifer designed to identify the presence of an active Optical Network Terminal (ONT) on the FTTx F2 fibers at the Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH), the customer drop or anywhere in between. Without removing the F2 fiber from service, the OFI-FTTx can verify that a splitter pigtail at the FDH is connected to an active circuit. The OFI-FTTx can help verify FTTx network records and recover splitter pigtails and F2 fibers that are connected at the FDH but, in fact, are available for new subscribers.

By detecting the 1310 nm signals associated with upstream ONT - OLT communications, the OFI-FTTx can detect the presence of an active ONT. When applied anywhere between the splitter and the ONT, in less than a second, the OFI-FTTx will report that the ONT is "Active" or "Not Detected."

The OFI-FTTx is compatible with 2mm optical cables containing standard SMF-28 fiber as well as 15mm bend-insensitive fibers such as AFL Bend Insensitive or its equivalents. 

The OFI-FTTx is powered by 2 1.5V AA batteries and incorporates automatic power down to optimize battery life. This typically permits it to test 800 fibers before requiring battery replacement.

The OFI-FTTx is covered by US Patent 7916983. 

Benefits of the AFL OFI-FTTx

Resolves Customer Service Complaints: Network technicians can avoid truck rolls to customer site by  verifying ONT activity from the FDH
Avoids Customer Service Disruptions: Network technicians can positively identify active fibers without fiber disconnection
Quickly confirm Service Installation: Installation Technician can verify service installation at customer premise
Identifies unused fibers and splitter legs for redeployment to new subscribers