Web Performance Verification System

The RealWORX Web Performance Verification System allows operators to monitor return ingress levels, analog signal performance, as well as QAM performance and statistics from many nodes using any browser interface. RealWORX compares RF performance against user-set limits and generates an alarm when signal impairments are detected. The system sends alarm notifications by email, pager, or cell-phone, and can report to the NOC via an SNMP trap interface to ensure that the operator is notified promptly when an alarm occurs.

With VeEX's high-performance AT2500HMQ broadband spectrum analyzer at its core, RealWORX can detect transient and low level RF impairments invisible to competing systems.

RealWORX also integrates both upstream and downstream RF quality measurements in one system, which results in decreased costs of software, training and support. With RealWORX, tests that had once been complex and time-consuming can be performed routinely, automatically and consistently.



Comprehensive Digital, Analog and Return Path monitoring from 1 MHz to 1.0 GHz
Ingress monitoring up to 200 MHz provides visibility of entire optical return spectrum
Automatic alarm notification by pager, cell phone, e-mail, SNMP traps
Remote Ingress display viewing using RealVIEW™
Supports up to 256 switch ports per analyzer (scalable)
Support multiple analyzer/switch groups
Over one year historical storage of ingress and performance data metrics
Modular and scalable distributed architecture


Automated Ingress, Analog and Digital performance verification testing saves money, increases productivity and improves quality of service
Remote monitoring eliminates the need to send staff and equipment to remote sites for routine network monitoring
High sensitivity (-65 dBmV) measurements detect impairments before services are affected
Extended Ingress monitoring up to 200 MHz provides visibility of laser compression and clipping, CPD, transient events and Gaussian noise floor degradation over the RF electrical diplex frequency that was previously not possible to view or inspect

Automated Alarm Management functions ensure prompt response to alarms
View historical Ingress level measurements for proactive maintenance planning and trend analysis
Node Hardening just became a lot simpler with the RealWORX Historical Ingress Viewer
Modular and scalable cost-effective solution for your requirements and budget
Leverage existing CM series meters to view return spectrum in field