RP 460 Optical Power Meter

The RP 460 incorporates all of the features of the RP 450 plus data storage and USB download to a computer. The RP 460 allows approximately 1000 data storage measurements of power or loss at each wavelength. When the device is used with the TP 200 series LED or laser light source, direct insertion loss measurements are provided. As with the RP 450 and RP 455, the RP 460 produces an audible tone alert when a 2 kHz signal is present.

There are three models to choose from:

The RP 460-02 provides measurements from +3dbm to -50 dBm.
The RP 460-03 provides measurements from +3 to -60 dBm.
The RP 460-04 provides measurements from +23dbm to -40dbm.


Measurements at 850/1300/1310/1490 or 1550nm
  .01db Resolution
  "Zero" set reference feature
  Multimode, Single mode
  NIST traceable
  1000 date storage location with USB download