Voice over Wireless LAN TestBook

Testbook CommView for WiFi is a powerful wireless network monitor and analyser for 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac networks with in-depth analysis, recording, and playback of VoWLAN (SIP/H.323)

CommView WiFI/VoWLAN
Wireless VoIP Monitoring & Analysis

CommView visualises wireless data helping boost productivity and aiding the troubleshooting of VoWLAN problems and issues. As well as providing real time analysis and capture, CommView can import and export protocol captures in a number of different formats such to different devices such as Sniffer, Observer, EtherPeek, Wireshark.

The VoIP analysis module can capture VoIP events, such as call flow, signalling sessions, registrations, media streams and errors.

For VoIP troubleshooting CommView provides a number of charts and diagrams to help you understand problems on your network and how those may be affecting the voice quality. Information and graphs for packet loss, jitter and sequence loss are provided together with an indicative MoS and R-Factor score for each call.

Although CommView provides an indication of the quality of VoIP calls by displaying a MOS and R-Factor score for each call and associated RTP streams, subjective testing is ultimately the best way of determining if voice quality is acceptable and if any voice quality problems exist.

CommView provides the capability to play back RTP streams and listen to VoWLAN conversations. By selecting a VoIP call users can then select the any RTP streams associated with that call and chose to playback those RTP streams.

Users can select the Codec type (G.711, G.729, G,722, AMR etc.) to use when playing back the RTP stream, and even change the size of the jitter buffer in order to determine the optimum setting for the best user experience.

CommView Remote Agent for WiFi is an optional add-on for remote WLAN traffic monitoring. It allows users to capture network traffic on any computer where the Remote Agent is running, regardless of the computer's physical location. Remote Agent provides better wireless network visibility within an office or building by collecting data from multiple locations allowing remote network monitoring and troubleshooting.


Key Benefits 

Passive WiFi Monitoring - Scan for all visible WiFi clients and Access Points on 2.4G and 5G channels

Capture all VoWLAN Traffic -  Capture and decode all VoWLAN traffic on 802.11a/b/g/n and 802.11ac WiFi networks

View Encrypted Packets - Specify WEP or WPA keys to decrypt encrypted packets.and decode and display content.
In Depth VoIP Analysis - Real-time analysis of VoIP signalling (SIP/H.323) and RTP streams
Audio Playback Capability - Ability to playback and listen to captured RTP media streams; G.711, G.729,  G.722, G.723, AMR, …
Comprehensive Reporting - Detailed graphical reporting on VoIP Calls and RTP streams including, MOS & R-Factor scores, Jitter, bandwith …
Remote Agent Option - Allows remote capture capability on any computer providing total wireless network visibility