wireXpert - MPO Testing

Fast and accurate MPO testing with WireXpert cable tester

This versatile solution enables data center IT managers to get quick and accurate assessment of the quality of MPO links. Additionally, it helps in performing incoming inspection of MPO components like cassettes. The key feature of this solution is a 5-second Autotest that includes a detection of fiber connection map and measurement of loss on each channel. 

One cable certifier tests copper, fiber, and MPO links
Easy troubleshooting of connectivity issues
Improve productivity through fast, accurate, and versatile test system


MPO/MTP testing integrated with WireXpert WX4500-FA cable certifier
MPO Autotest in less than 5 seconds
Seamless reporting in ReportXpert software with single fiber and copper test results
Testing MPO-to-SC/LC links for end to end loss measurement on individual fiber
Testing connectivity from MPO to individual fiber
Allows configuring number of active fibers in MPO, making it possible to test even custom links including 8-fiber links
Automatically identifies connection type as type A, B, C or custom
Allows reference settings with any connection type
Displays absolute power level and loss on each fiber
Accurate measurement through encircled flux compliant light source