CATV Network Testing Simplified

Industry's first integrated test solution supporting legacy analog CATV signals, high definition DVB-C carriers and DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem emulation/measurement in a single instrument. Standard features include a high performance dual band Signal Level Meter (SLM), forward/return path ingress measurement, deep interleaving support, and QAM constellation diagram and diagnostics. Optional features include a QAM+FEC Upstream Signal Generator (USG), a long range Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) optimized for troubleshooting 75ohm CATV cables, a Forward and Return Path digital QAM Analyzer, and Advanced Signal Measurements which include an Adaptive Equalizer On/Off function to troubleshoot MER/BER problems produced by micro-reflections and related frequency and impedance impairments.

Equipped with built-in 10/100/1000-T/X Ethernet engine, copper (10/100/1000-T) and fiber (1000-X) interfaces, BERT, RFC2544 and related test applications, the CX350S is able to test and troubleshoot backbone connections to the CMTS and verify the full bandwidth of a DOCSIS 3.0 network while operating in modem pass-through mode.

A high capacity LiIon battery pack supports a full day operation on a single charge while a high contrast full color TFT touch-screen with user selectable "skins" allows viewing in a variety of lighting conditions.



Robust, lightweight chassis packed with powerful features for demanding environments and test conditions
High resolution color 7" touch-screen with graphical user interface
Ethernet LAN management port for remote control, back office applications, and workforce management
Fast and efficient test result transfer to USB memory stick or FTP upload via LAN or DOCSIS ports
Maintain instrument software, manage test setups and channel tables, process measurement results and generate customer test reports using included ReVeal™ PC software
Extend field testing time using interchangeable Lilon battery pack/s
Ability to lock user interface to prevent unwanted human interference during long-term testing

Supports Triple Play test applications such as VoIP, IPTV and high speed Internet access via Ethernet management port, DOCSIS test port, or USB WiFi adaptor


Frequency range from 5MHz to 1GHz
Comprehensive SLM measurements (single channel, system scan, tilt, and installation check)
Video and Audio power level measurements (Annex A, B, C signals)
Forward and Return path QAM measurements (MER, Pre/Post BER, Constellation diagram, Histogram, and Equalizer on/off mode)
Advanced Digital measurements* (HUM,EVM, Phase Jitter, Symbol Rate Error, Frequency Response, Group Delay)
Dual Band DOCSIS 3.0 compliant Cable Modem*

Spectrum view to capture impulse noise and interference
Home Installation Procedure (HIP) with user defined test limits
Built-in Upstream Generator* (CW, QPSK, QAM-16/64/128/256 modulation)
Built-in TDR* - supports up to 2km/6000ft of standard coaxial cable
Single DS1 Transmitter/Receiver with Balanced (100Ω) interfaces for full Rate DS1 and Fractional Nx64kbit/s or Nx56kbit/s testing
Single 10/100/1000-T/X Ethernet port (BERT, Throughput, RFC2544 and Loopback testing)
ISDN PRI (ANSI and ETSI) call setup*