USB-Testbook is a Live USB  based VoIP turn-up and maintenance tester for technicians and engineers that can be used on x86 based computers


Portable and Cost Effective - Turns any x86 computer into a powerful VoIP tester for SIP, H.323 and T.38 Fax
Emulation of VoIP CPE equipment -  Quick and easy Testing of SIP and H.323 VoIP trunks and Networks
Signalling and Media Testing - Tests signalling integrity, capacity and RTP media quality (MOS)
Customer Reports - Comprehensive PDF VoIP service turn-up and acceptance reports
Network Emulation - Facilitates testing of VoIP equipment such as IPBX’s with no VoIP network necessary
T.38 Fax Emulation - Provides an easy way of ensuring a VoIP networks ability to transmit Fax over IP
Online Update - Cloud-software update feature ensures that you always had the latest features and functions


USB-Testbook helps organisations accelerate revenue generation through quick and effective VoIP service provision and troubleshooting. Based on a USB memory stick USB-Testbook is a self-contained live software environment that can be run on most x86 based laptops or computers.

By using a live USB memory stick users are able to turn existing laptop or computer assets into a powerful VoIP tester without the concern of anti-virus or other corporate lock-down issues that may be present when using the device in a native Windows mode.

USB-Testbook offers the most comprehensive support for VoIP turn-up and maintenance testing through its unique functional testing approach. By providing this capability USB-Testbook can emulate key VoIP/UC infrastructure elements allowing users to quickly test and ensure the correct operation and performance of VoIP networks and equipment.

USB-Testbook can support up to 30 simultaneous VoIP calls using ‘Virtual Terminals’ in the emulation workspace. Call quality MOS (Mean Opinion Score) metrics provide an indication of Media quality and different call modes help to stress VoIP signalling and media capacity.